Resistant PVC curtains up to 40 ° C below zero

PVC curtain types:

1- Transparent Ripple: This type of PVC curtain has a higher energy savings due to its longitudinal lines on the curtain surface of the PVC.
2 - Transparent type: This type of PVC curtain creates a more complete visibility than the front surface due to its high transparency.

Size and dimensions of PVC curtains:

1- 2 mm thick with a width of 20 cm suitable for doors or openings up to 3 meters.
2- A thickness of 3 mm with a width of 30 cm suitable for doors or openings up to a height of 3 meters.

Application of PVC curtain

Food industry
pharmaceutical Industries.
Refrigeration and refrigeration industries.
Dairy and protein industries.
Automotive industry.
Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Industries.
Restaurants and Stores.
Cosmetic industry.
Industrial kitchen.

The benefits of PVC curtain

Reduce heat and cooling losses.
Prevent the entry of insects and birds.
Sound insulation.
Increased traffic safety due to transparency of curtains.
Preventing the transmission of air pollution.
Ease of installation.
Resistant and durable.

PVC curtain components:

1 : Made from purely pure PVC materials and suitable softeners.
Made from purely pure PVC materials and suitable softeners.
Resistant to wear and light.
Cold-resistant to 20 degrees Celsius.
Very high clarity.

2 : Hanger Steel
Made of stainless steel.
With a thickness of 1 mm and a length of 125 cm.
Ease of installation and high durability.
Due to the lack of rust, it can be used in the pharmaceutical, food and sanitary industries.
Available in wet environments such as saunas, pools, cabinets, refrigerators.

3 : Stainless steel
Made of stainless steel.
Ease of travel through PVC curtains.
Ease of installation.

Increase the function of PVC curtains.

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