Air handling unit (air handling unit)

The air handling unit is a device that modifies and senses the air's characteristics by performing operations such as changing temperature, increasing or decreasing humidity, filtering and adjusting the speed. air handling unit are categorized in terms of structure and appearance in two main vertical and horizontal groups. Also, air handling unit are placed in two groups of blasting or flowing stream in terms of how the venting or centrifuges and coils are placed.
The blower flow, blower or centrifuge fan is placed before the coil, and is fitted in the suction blower of the air vent fan after the coil.
The air handling unit consists of the main parts of the filter, fan, thermal and cold coil, moisture and control equipment. The air cooled coils usually work with hot water, steam and electricity. With different settings for heat, cold, humidity, etc. In the air handling unit unit you can design different air conditioning systems for projects with different conditions..
air handling unit devices are usually connected to the outside with two channels of airflow into the building and through a channel to fresh air.

Farazkavian manufacturing airframes are divided into two general groups:

General Air Shuttle
Hygenic air heater

Hygenic airframes are used in hospitals, clean rooms, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries to comply with sterile conditions.

Technical specification of HYDENIC FORESKAVIAN AIRCRAFT:
Blades of fresh air dampers made of aluminum with perfect strips for perfect ventilation
Aluminum washable prefilters for absorbing large particles made by FarazKavian Company
Pre-filter G4 from the Swedish Kimfil Company
Filter Bag F7 of the Swedish Kimfil Company
Coils for GOLD FIN or BLUE FIN for heating with hot water boilers
Double-use door with special strength and high strength joints
Coils for GOLD FIN or BLUE FIN for heating with chilled water
All surfaces inside the panels are made of stainless steel SS304 and very smooth without any surface contours
Fan of the Plug-Fan Product of Nikotera Corporation
Siemens Siemens Motor Product
Filter bag F8-F9 Swedish Kimfil or Hep H13-H14 Swedish Kimfil Company
Blade of damper output made of aluminum with perfect strip for perfect ventilation
Airframe framework of simpler hemogenic thermoplastic or aluminium profiles and polyamide or aluminum corners.
Equipped with a differential pressure gauge on either side of the hepa filter or bag filters to indicate the switching time of the filter

General specifications of the general air vent Frazkavian:
Structures of special aluminum profiles
Two-piece body of galvanized sheet with fusible powder - Between two thermal insulation slabs
Blades of damper have a special airbag
Cooling capability of cold-cooled coils or DX coils
The ability to heat coils with hot water or steam or electric element
Equipped with a differential pressure meter on either side of the hepa filter or bag filters to indicate the time of the filter change.

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