The air shower is an essential and necessary route for the cleaning of people and goods that minimizes the amount of suspended particles accompanying them, providing the necessary and optimal conditions for access to the clean room, so that individuals or objects pass through the air shower path by volume The top of the air that is being squeezed by them is cleaned and cleaned of all suspended particles.
Inside the air shower room, in the first stage, a primary filter with a efficiency of 60-30% (Pre Filter) and then a hepa filter HEPA with a yield of 99.9%. Air suction valves for the elementary filter inside.
1.There are lights in front of the door of the car entrance to indicate the status of the passengers.
2.The design of the steering circuit is such that, with the entry into the cabin, the two doors are automatically locked and proxy switches (electromotors) start operating and can be adjusted over time. People in In the vicinity of the compressed air stream, the second door is automatically restored after completion of the dusting operation.
3.The inside of the cabin is completely insulated against the outside.
4.Needs needed inside the cabin are provided with LED lights.
5.The airborne sensor is equipped with an intelligent sensor system to prevent improper use of the device.
6. When switching the filter and the service, there is no need to move the device.
7. The device is equipped with an emergency key (STOP) in special cases.
8. Capacity of the room can be defined according to the need for passing personnel and passing traffic (single - two, three - four)
9. The design of the cabin of the air showers according to the customer's request is in both all-steel and semi-steel.
10. The number of aerial shower nozzles is as follows:
   Single player: 16 stainless steel nozzles with 12 nozzles on each side and 4 nozzles on the ceiling.
   Double: It has 32 stainless steel nozzles with 24 nozzles on each side and 8 nozzles on the ceiling.
   Triple: With 48 stainless steel nozzles with 36 nozzles on each side and 12 nozzles on the ceiling.
   Triplet: Has 64 stainless steel nozzles with 48 nozzles on each side and 16 nozzles on the ceiling..
11 . The air showers have an air flow rate of at least 30 m / s.
12. The air showers have an air flow rate of at least 30 m / s.
   The air-conditioner is equipped with two fan motors on both sides of the machine and suction on both sides.
   A two-seater air-conditioner has 4 fan motors on both sides of the machine and suction on both sides.
   The three-seater air-conditioner has 6 fan motors on both sides of the machine, with suction on both sides.
   The four-seater air-conditioner has 8 fan motors on both sides of the machine and suction on both sides.
13. The device can adjust the duration of the shower from 1 to 90 seconds.
   Air showers are widely used for industries such as electronic devices, microelectronics, precision instruments, laboratory equipment, canning, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and so on.



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