Technical Specifications HV-WSH-SEP

Three-phase 380V.
Electromotor with CLASS F-IP55 specifications.
In two sizes: 70-120 centimeters in length
Equipped with hot water coil (HW) and three-phase heater (EC).
Capable of being equipped with a gas burner (industrial gas burner).
HV-Equipped with three-phase steady-state power supply.
The WSH and SEP models are equipped with a variable-speed power switch to adjust the
output air speed based on environmental conditions
For small doors, it can operate with microswitches
Suitable for high power doors
Adjustable with AIR FOIL blade.
Installation requires a metal casing to install
To prevent the exchange of energy, the entry of insects and dust
Complete all doors including electric, automatic, hinge, shutter, and ...
Ability to launch automatically, in accordance with the opening and closing of the door



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