Clean room door

It has a frame and frame made of aluminum and hard anadasias. The main body of the doors is ABS glazed anti-scratch or sandwich panel with a thickness of 60 mm and the coating inside the polyurethane B2 has surface surfaces of galvanized sheet with electrostatic powder paint.
The panel sandwich is in the walls of the entire area and is suitable for clean rooms. Handles made of stainless steel with SS304 stainless steel and special cleanroom fittings with polished and flat surfaces. Clean room doors are produced in two types of single-leaf and double-lining and in the required sizes. If required, the glass doors and double-glazed surfaces are to be applied on both sides.

Contact information

Address: Apt. 21 , 6TH Flr , No.15.Borj-e-hormozan Bldg , SADAF street , western SARV Ave , Sa’adat Abad, Tehran, Iran.

Phone: (+9821) 22083092 – 22091821 – 22062095 – 22072468 Zip code: 1998765995

Email: farazkavian{a} , farazkavian1375{a} , info{a}


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