Clean room is an environment that is commonly used in sensitive production lines such as pharmaceutical lines, sensitive electronics and microelectronics, food, hospitals, etc. In this environment, the amount of dust, aerosol germs, suspended particles and chemical vapor is kept low and controlled.
The suspended particles in clean rooms are usually displayed based on the particle size per cubic meter or cubic feet.
For example, in a clean class of 100,000, the particle size greater than 0.5 microns should be less than 100,000 per cubic foot, and the same in class 100 is less than 100 particles per cubic foot.
It should be noted that human hair has a diameter of 100 - 75 microns, which is 200 times more than a 0.5 micron particle.

Clean room types  

Laminar flow (one way)

Non-laminar flow

Mixed flow

Laminar flow clean room

The valves are produced in different types of diffusers and grills. And plays a very important role in distributing the inlet and outlet air flow from the clean room, as well as various types of damper to control the flow of passage.

Clean room with non laminar flow (clean room)

Clean rooms with non-laminar flow are also known as clean rooms for turbulent flow and non-uniform flow.

Farazkavian Company is proud to present the following cleanroom classes of the highest quality and in accordance with the international standards from the initial design, construction, installation, implementation, and final tests.


1: Clean Class A-GPM Class (Class 100 Standard FED209 - ISO5).
2: Clean Classroom B-GPM Class (Class FED209 - ISO6 standard).
3: Clean Room C-GPM Class (Class 10000 FED209 - ISO7).
4: Clean Classroom D-GPM Class (Class 100000 FED209 - ISO8).

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